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Client: William Grant & Sons for Hendrick's Gin

Location: The Inverleith Bar, Edinburgh, U.K.

Date: July, 2019

Commissioned mural by Hendrick's Gin, inspired by botanicals. The composition is reminiscent of a garden, being guarded by the two figures. The first is the embodiment of Hendrick's and the second represents the complimentary Fevertree tonic water. Each wooden slab of the fence-like structure features one of the 16 ingredients of the gin, including Hendrick's Orbium. The sky is being reflected on both sides  by the mirror, evoking a feeling of vastness.

The hot air balloons are not only a staple of Hendrick's, but they also carry on the sky reference. 

This mural was created within the Inverleith Bar, in Edinburgh. The venue is located in the affluent area of Inverleith- rich in gardens and forrests, which makes it the perfect backdrop for this piece.

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