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Atelier MIRU delivers to daring individuals with an artistic flair and appreciation for the mastery of hand-made craftsmanship. The award-winning company was founded in early 2018, by prolific artist, Miruna Filip.

All pieces are exclusively hand-painted by the artist. Our products are poetry expressed through layers of paint and metaphoric shots stretching across the wooden surfaces. Each element has a purpose and completes the story. All imagery is inspired by mythology, philosophy, dreams and science, and tells a story of the absurdity of the human experience and the struggles of making sense of it all. This quest is conveyed within all pieces and adds to the ethereal quality of the work. 

We use antiques as our canvas, not only for an eco-friendly purpose, but also to ensure the impossibility of replicating each particular piece. The furniture becomes characters from the history, brought to the future through the scenes painted on them- each with their own story to tell.


We also offer a customisation service.

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Atelier MIRU is not just a design studio, but also an experience. A state of mind. A way of being. 

Our space program is the overtake of residential and commercial spaces by the MIRU lifestyle where the world of dreams, metaphors and symbolism reigns. It is the injection of meaning and thoughtfulness into our every day scopes that aims to abduct and bring every individual into a fairy-tale like cosmos.  

The program is the collection of all areas that Atelier MIRU creates in- furniture, painting, and murals- that construct an integrated experience.

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