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Painting illustrating the virtues that constitute a woman. Each elements symbolises a different characteristic, inspired by Dali's drawers. The sand in the top drawer represents women's incubatory virtue- like the desert is an incubator for the bones and prayers of those who have died, the woman is an incubator for life but also lost loves, prayers and wishes.

The comet represents the oppression of women in the society. A comet can be seen roughly every 100 years, but it shines so bright. Just like the comet, women are rarely given the chance to shine; however, when they do they can light up the entire sky.

The antlers emphasise a woman's transition from a little girl, to a young adult, a wife, a mother and then a grandmother. She's always in a constant process of transformation. The water in the bottom drawer is representative of the ocean. In its vastness, the ocean hides deeply buried secrets and quenches her lover's thirst for love and reassurance, through nurturing.

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